UPDATED: Syntec Global Working Day Clause Invalidated By French High Court

The French high court has recently invalidated the global working day clause (“forfait jours”) under the Syntec Collective Bargaining Agreement. The High court has been scrutinizing industry level agreements on global working days over the last few years and while some industry agreements have been confirmed, others have been invalidated, the latest being Syntec. The […]

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HR Update France: Contract Termination By Mutual Consent

Recent case law: The French high court has confirmed that the termination of an employment contract by mutual consent is possible, even if a dispute exists between the employer and the employee. In the framework of a mutual termination agreement called “rupture conventionnelle homologuée” the employer and the employee can decide to terminate their relation by […]

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French High Court Rules On Employee Evaluation Ranking By Quota

In a recent decision, the French high court ruled on the legality of employee evaluations with ranking by quotas. Q. How does the ranking by quota method work? A. This method consists in the classification of employees in categories according to imperative quotas fixed in advance. The method proposed by a Hewlett Packard France’s manager was […]

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