The new multi-replacement Fixed term contract

[Credit image Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]

In line with its policy of full employment, the French government has temporarily reintroduced the possibility of hiring an employee on a fixed-term contract to replace several absent employees in the company.

This multi-replacement contract can be used between April 13th 2023 and April 13th 2025 and only for certain areas of activity (for example: sports and leisure facilities, road transport and auxiliary activities, retail sale of clothing and textile products, personnel of Service providers in the tertiary sector field, etc).

The experiment introduces a derogation from the rule that only one fixed-term contract of employment (CDD) may be concluded to replace a single employee.

Contracts already signed before April 13th, 2023, may be amended to assign the employee to replace other absent employees. And contracts concluded before April 13th, 2025, will continue to apply beyond that date.

The names of the absent employees must be written in the multi-replacement contract. The other requirements for a fixed-term contract to be valid remain unchanged.


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