Our Professional Services

For Business Implementation in France

Our Professional Services

For Business Implementation in France

We recognize the stresses and uncertainties that go along with business implementation in France.

French Professionnal Services for Business Implementation

The startup process for any business is lengthy and complicated, but when launching a business internationally, you have the added pressure of making sure you adhere to local laws and regulations. Culture and language barriers can also add a considerable amount of anxiety to the process.

At HiConnect, our goal is to facilitate the process of business implementation in France, at startup and during the early stages of business development. In addition to our own team of experienced consultants, we have an expert network of bilingual partners, including attorneys and accountants, who understand your business needs. The relationships we build with our partners are based on professional and cultural expertise, and together we will get you and your business on the road to success in France.

HiConnect takes pride in offering a wide array of specialized services for our clients’ requirements. We are also more than willing to consult with you on your specific needs, should you not see a service you require. To see a sample of our subsidiary start up services, see our Business Subsidiary Startup Chart.

Business Startup and Services for Business Implementation in France

Business Startup Support

  • Determining the appropriate local structure
  • Registering your company or branch
  • Non resident employer registration
  • Explaining to you your statutory obligations
  • Coordinating tax, legal and accounting services

Initial Employer Compliance

  • Determining the collective bargaining agreement
  • Performing payroll affiliations
  • Coordinating mandatory medicals
  • Implementing mandatory benefits
  • Mandatory office postings

Supplemental Startup Services

  • Implementation of supplementary benefits
  • Localized employee handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Information on local employment practices
*Please refer to the HR Management page for more detail
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