About Us

All you need to settle your Business in France in a single team.

About Us

All you need to settle your Business in France in a single team

HiConnect understands how business is conducted in France.

Our team of professionals have decades of collective experience in helping companies build and expand operations anywhere in France.

Our specialized knowledge of the inner workings of French business administration, human resource practices, French employment law, and French workplace culture uniquely qualifies us to assist you as you take your first steps in the French marketplace.

Our mission and focus is very simple. We hope to be the first choice for foreign companies looking to establish themselves or streamline their operations in France, and we are confident that we can accomplish that goal by consistently providing our clients with strategies and guidance that will help them achieve success.

Running a business in any country can be challenging, to say nothing of the complications that can arise when you are operating internationally. At HiConnect, we want to take the burden of monotonous administrative tasks, complicated legal questions and time-consuming human resources concerns off your plate, and offer you peace of mind so you can put your focus where it needs to be – on your business.

Our Skills

We facilitate the process of your business implementation in France by guiding you in the choice of the appropriate structure for your operations and assisting with the necessary formalities.

Visit our Starting A Business page for more details.

Compliant HR administration in France is necessary and complex. HiConnect assists you every step of the way with aspects such as new hire and leaver processes, absence management, training requests…while providing crucial support for local and corporate management. We take the burden of HR administration off your shoulders.

Visit our HR Management page for more deatils.

Hiconnect controls the consistency of the payroll information and processes the monthly pay slips. Hiconnect also takes care of the quarterly and annual social statements and manages the relationship with the French government social entities.

Visit our HR Management page for more details.

French Labor law is complex and the culture is highly protective to the employees. Hiconnect and its’ business partner attorneys guide and advise you through the legal and cultural complexities of French HR management: employment contracts, employee relations, labor inspection audits, etc.

Visit our HR Management page for more details.

Hiconnect provides assistance for the choice and implementation of all local benefits. Whether it be for a health insurance plan, a disability insurance plan or luncheon vouchers, we can select the provider, benchmark the guarantees, provide guidance in the choice of coverage and perform the necessary implementation processes.

Visit our HR Management page for more details.

About Our Clients

HiConnect specializes in assisting international corporations with small to mid-sized business operations in France with human resource and business startup and development assistance. We are proud to represent some of the world’s most respected and sought after brands.

Our client base is robust, spanning industries such as technology (software, telecommunications,hardware, medical and electronics), finance and banking, insurance, fashion (retail and wholesale), food and beverage, remote trading, motor trade, NGO’s, consulting services, medical research, pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear services, market research, education, hotels, transportation and many others.

Our global reach is just as diverse with our clients headquartered in more than 20 countries over Europe, North America,  Australia/Oceania and Asia.

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