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New regulation encourages the use of cleaner means of transportation to reduce pollution and home/workplace commute-related traffic congestion.

A recent law called “Loi d’orientation des mobilités” (“Law of orientation of mobilities”) and dated December 24th, 2019, introduces new provisions which aim to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. In this context, the law provides for new measures in favour of the use of cleaner transportations like clean vehicles, bicycles (including electric bicycles), and, generally […]

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Breaches of Highway Code with a company vehicule : The employer must disclose identity

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that since January 1st 2017, when an infringement is committed with a company vehicule, the employer must disclose the identity and the address of the employee who committed the infringement, otherwise the employer will be subject to pay a fine of 750 euros.     – […]

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