Partial activity: the reimbursement rules change in June

A decree published on June 29th 2020 has specified the conditions under which companies will receive a reduced allowance for partial activity effective June 1st.

As per June 1st through September 30th, 2020 the conditions governing the partial activity allowance are revised:

  • the indemnity paid to the employee by the employer is unchanged: employees placed under partial activity continue to receive at least 70% of their gross salary (approximately 84% of the net salary). This amount cannot be lower than the applicable net minimum wage (€8.03 per hour).
  • However, the employer will from now forward receive an allowance calculated on the basis of 60% of the gross salary paid to employees under partial activity, versus 70% before June 1st, within the limit of 4.5 statutory minimum wage, “SMIC” (€31,97 per hour).

An exception is made for employers whose activity is listed in the appendix 1 of this newsletter: they will continue to benefit from an allowance covering 100% of the legal compensation due to employees, i.e. up to 70% of their gross remuneration, within the limit of 4.5 “SMIC”.

Are also concerned companies of sectors listed in the appendix 2 of this newsletter, whose activity depends on those of the sectors mentioned in appendix 1 and which are experiencing a sharp decline in revenues (by 80% over the period from March 15th, 2020 to May 15th, 2020). These companies should also continue to benefit from a 100% reimbursement of the salary paid to their employees under partial activity.

This decrease in revenue can be considered in comparison with the revenue achieved over the previous year, for the same period; or compared to the average monthly revenue for the year 2019, applied to a period of two months. For employers whose activity was created after March 15, 2019, the decline in revenues is considered in comparison with the average revenue achieved over the period between the date of creation and March 15th 2020, applied to a period of two months.

Employers whose activity involves receiving the general public and which is suspended due to the health emergency state should also benefit from this exception (excluding voluntary closures), for the request of partial activity for employees placed under partial activity as per the 1st of June 2020 through September 30th, 2020.

The social regime of the partial activity indemnity paid to the employee and the possible supplement paid by the employer have not been modified in the context of these new compensation rules.

Appendix 1

Cable cars and ski lifts
Hotels and similar accommodation
Tourist accommodation and other short-term accommodation
Campgrounds and parks for caravans or recreational vehicles
Traditional catering
Cafeterias and other self-service
Fast food
Contract catering services, company canteens and restaurants
Catering services
Drinking places
Screening of cinematographic films and other technical industries of cinema and moving image
Rental and leasing of leisure and sporting goods
Travel agency activities
Tour operator activities
Other reservation services and related activities
Organization of fairs, public or private events, trade fairs or seminars, congresses
Model agencies
Tax refund companies and exchange offices (manual money changers)
Teaching of sports disciplines and leisure activities
Performing arts
Support activities for performing arts
Artistic creation related to plastic arts
Management of performance halls and production of shows
Museum management
Speaker guides
Management of historic sites and monuments and similar tourist attractions
Management of botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves
Management of sports facilities
Sports club activities
Activity of physical culture centers
Other sport related activities
Amusement and theme park activities
Other recreational and leisure activities
Body maintenance
Tourist trains and railways
Cross Channel Transport
Air passenger transport
Passenger transport on rivers, canals, lakes, rental of pleasure boats
Tourist coaches and buses
Tourist trips at sea
Production of films and television programs
Production of corporate and advertising films
Film production for cinema
Photographic activities
Cultural education

Appendix 2

Growing beverage plants
Vine cultivation
Sea fishing
Freshwater fishing
Marine aquaculture
Freshwater aquaculture
Production of distilled alcoholic beverages
Production of sparkling wines
Cider and fruit wine production
Production of other non-distilled fermented drinks
Beer making
Production of cheeses under protected designation of origin or protected geographical indication
Malt production
Food purchasing centers
Other intermediaries in the food and drink trade
Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
Herbalism / horticulture / wholesale of flowers and plans
Wholesale of dairy products, eggs, edible oils and fats
Wholesale of beverages
Wholesale trade and wholesale of fish, shellfish, crustaceans
Miscellaneous specialized food wholesale
Wholesale trade of frozen products
Wholesale food
Non-specialized wholesale trade
Wholesale of textiles
Intermediaries specializing in the trade of other specific products
Wholesale of clothing and footwear
Wholesale of other household goods
Wholesale trade of crockery, glassware and cleaning products
Wholesale of various supplies and equipment for trade and services
Wholesale laundry
Gas stations
Sound recording and music editing
Post-production of motion pictures, video and television programs
Distribution of cinematographic films
Book publishers
Provision / rental of marquees, tents, structures, sound, photography, light and pyrotechnics
Services auxiliary to air transport
Passenger transport by taxi and passenger vehicle with driver
Short-term rental of cars and light motor vehicles
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