Newsletter: New rules relating to the payment of salaries

Quick reminder:

When should salaries be paid?

Employees who are paid on a monthly basis must receive their salary once a month.

The law does not specify a mandatory deadline for the payment of salary. The only requirement is that the payment should be made within a reasonable period of time after the end of the relevant work period.

Also, it is not possible to shift the payment of salaries from one month to the next. In fact, no more than one month should pass between two payments.

What’s new ?

Starting December 27th, 2022, it will no longer be possible to pay an employee’s salary into a bank account of which he or she is not the beneficiary  or co-beneficiary

Also employees will  no longer be able to mandate a third party to collect their salary. This is an exception to the rules of the French civil code  which normally allows any creditor to mandate another person to collect a due payment.

Indeed, the law of December 24th, 2021, aiming to accelerate economic and professional equality created these rules in order to fight against economic spousal abuse.

It is therefore important for companies to check before December 2022 payroll that the bank details recorded for the payment of their employees’ salaries are indeed in the name of each employee.

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