French Social Security for International Business Travelers

HR Update France: Simplified procedure for social security coverage of employees on international business trips or short-term assignments

If an employee has a business trip or short term assignment (less than 3 months) outside of France, the employer should notify the social security office so that the employee remains covered under the French social security scheme during their assignment.

If such trips or assignments are performed on a regular basis by an employee, a simplified procedure is available with certain social security offices, which allows the employer to declare the concerned employees to the competent local social security office on a quarterly basis only.

Following this declaration, the social security office provides for such employees a certificate testifying that they are covered by the French Social Security legislation and that the Social contributions are paid in France.

In case of sickness of the employees on assignment, they will be reimbursed of their health expenses by the French Social Security office (within certain limits) and in the event of sick leave, they will receive the social security indemnities to which they would be entitled if they had been working in France.

Under certain conditions and subject to investigation, an accident during an assignment will also be recognized as an occupational accident with the consequential benefits under French legislation.

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