Health pass update : transformation into a vaccination pass

The law of January 22nd, 2022 transforms the health pass into a vaccination pass on January 24th, 2022, for everyday activities (restaurants, cinemas, etc.), expands the possibilities of control and reinforces the penalties in the event of pass fraud.

The health pass transformed into a vaccination pass

The health pass, introduced by law in  May  2021, extended in  August 2021, to many activities of daily life is now replaced by a vaccination pass for all persons over 16.

The vaccination pass, applicable as of January 24th, 2022, is now required to access to almost all places where the health pass was already necessary: ​

  • bars and restaurants,
  • leisure activities (cinemas, museums, theaters, sports arenas, sports halls and performance halls …),
  • fairs and trade shows, large shopping centers by decision of the authorities and interregional transport.

In concrete terms, people over the age of 16 can now only access these places, events and services if they are vaccinated. A negative Covid-19 test (PCR or antigen) is no longer sufficient. Professionals working in these places and services are also concerned and therefore have the obligation to be vaccinated.

The law also provides for the possibility of requiring a double pass (cumulation of a vaccination pass and a negative test) for certain places and activities. A decree must be published to provide the framework for this double pass.

The few exceptions to the vaccination pass are :

  • The health pass is sufficient for access to hospitals, clinics, accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people and retirement homes (not required in the event of an emergency).
  • For access to interregional transport, travelers who do not have a vaccination pass may present a negative test in the event of a compelling family or health reason (for example to attend the funeral of a family member, or to help an elderly, sick or disabled relative or, for divorced or separated parents, to pick up or accompany their minor children. The reason for the trip can be proven by any means).


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